Welcome to RC Airship, RC Zeppelin homepage!

         Our firm manfufactures and develops a new type of R/C airship, which you can control more easily and can get for lower price. Please read our short story:

          Our company has been involved in RC airships, Rc zeppelins, Rc blimps sales for at least ten years, and during this time we have seen all types of balloons available on the market. According to our experience, most RC zeppelins and blimps are expensive and difficult to control. Both of these negative attributes originate from its complicated mechanism ( two motors-twin drive+tail rotor).
          We are committed to help further spread the use of RC balloons, therefore we have developed a new generation of RC airship over the years, that avoids the above mentioned problems, thus providing unforgettable experience for RC zeppelin fans. The situation was very similar with helicopters and drones (multicopters): drones gained ground because their control was greatly simplified (learning how to control drones is possible in a couple of hours instead of many months for helicopters), therefore it became accessible to a wider audience. The simple controlling reduced the price too. 

 The main advantages of the new generation drive system:

  - It can be very quickly (2-3 minutes) mounted to any type (zeppelin shape between 3- 10m, spherical ballon between 2-5m) of zeppelin.
  - Adjusting the center of gravity of the balloon can be quickly performed by sliding weights on rails.
  -  Balancing the balloon can also quickly be done with the easily accessible ballast (trimming) container device.
  -  Attractive price ( 30-50% of current market prices)
  -  Very easy to control (can be learned in some minutes)
  -  Additional accessories can easily be mounted on the rails (such as gimbal, camera, video recorder, etc)
   -  It is mainly built from aluminium and carbon composite, to save weight

 The basic configuration is the same for all types, only the power of electric motor changes with the size of the balloon and of course it depends of in -or outdoor use. Although mainly designed for indoor use, can also be operated outdoor by a more experienced user. In these cases it is recommended to use more powerful motors for reliable operation. Wind speed can of course seriously impact controllability, and must be taken into account with outdoor use.